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Full Version: Matching photos to text
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I would like to know how one can position photos in their correct position relating to the text in an entry as one can do with Microsoft Word.

Also once uploaded and in spite of clicking on the option to tidy up the text how come my entries' text consists of broken text lines and carriage returns where none were entered or needed and the text does not wrap neatly to the photos.

In other words
my entries usually end up looking like
this. How does one rectify this?
If you look at your entry you will see on te right hand side the box that allows you to weave your photos manually throughout your text.

As far as the text is concerned, when you copy and paste the data from a word program we do not have the source code that would allow us to correct the formatting and they will not provide it to us. Thus when you copy and paste the data you do have to do a bit of formatting,
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