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Full Version: Driving between Sofia and Sozopol
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Next month we are flying into Sofia airport, hiring a car and driving to Sozopol. The plan is to stop en route overnight. We are travelling with 2 young children (6 & 8 years old) and are looking for a place to stop not too far from the main road and easy to find. A village or small town where we might experience a bit of Bulgaria on our first night in the country.

Can anyone recommend a good place to stop roughly halfway between Sofia and Sozopol?

The halfway point looks like Stara Zagora, and I see six blog entries from that city. It looks beauuuuuutiful.

If you go from Sofia to stara zagora its 231 kilometres, and from there its 208, making a trip of 439 Kilometres.

Going from Sofia to Plovdiv is 147 Kilometres, and from there to Sozopol is 305, making a trip of 452 kilometres.

Not a lot in it really, but I would suggest going to Plovdiv, you will be tired after flying, and will be rested for the slightly longer drive next day.

An excellent guest house, traditional, in Plovdiv can be found here

Hope that helps, if I can help further please just ask,



Thanks for your advice.


You're welcome, let us know what you actually do!
Hello maxp. We had a really wonderful family holiday in Sozopol about 14 years ago.

It would be good to return one day and I often wonder if (or rather how!) the town has changed. Hope you will tell us all about your stay and I'd be really interested to see some up-do-date photographs. We had a great time and still have many happy memories of the place.

Enjoy your holiday and have a safe drive from Sofia.
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