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We are travelling to the cities mentioned during September/October. Could anybody please advise on which part of those cities to start looking for hotels please? We just want a nice clean hotels not luxurious 5 stars and located close to amenities.
You seem to have omitted to indicate the cities you are travelling to.
Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco:

Check out TripAdvisor first before you do anything else:



Hi, there are plenty of good quality affordable accommodations, including hostels that cater for all, not just backpackers. have a wide selection of recommended hostels in the areas you have mentioned and these hostels attract families, couples, etc.
For Vegas I would say if you want to do it on the cheap go to either Excalibur or Imperial Palace. Recently Imperial Palace had a mid-week rate of $89 for 3 nights [total]. You'll easily find a week night room there for under $50 and a weekend of $99 to $109. They have the best locations for the price. I would check out the other major resorts on the strip too, though, because a lot of them are having amazing deals right now. I'm talking about a Bellagio lake front room for $150 on a week night, things like that. It would be worth it to splurge for some of those deals. If you absolutely want to do cheap, and on the strip, do not do Circus Circus or the Stratosphere. They are way too far away, trust me.
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