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Okay, each year the rangers pick one subject that they are going to focus on more then others. Threeyears ago it was traffic stops looking for open containers and drugs. last year the focus was on bikes, not motorcyles, bikes, looking for drugs. Each year they said their focus got them good results.
This years focus, I have just learned, is on flower pickers and rock theives. The rock can be anything from a pebble to a boulder, you pick it up and try and remove it from the park, it will get you a court date. Rangers will be positioed (in other words, hidden) in key locations throughout the summer and fall, in places where this type of activity is most likely to occur.

So any and all rock and flower pickers, you have been put on notice.
Wow really! Are there some rare rocks in Maine?
I wish, then I could afford to run out and buy more guitars.....we are talking just lower class rocks. They said even removing a small stone will get you a court date. My question is, I am forever picking up tiny rocks in my sneakers, when walking in the park. So upon exiting the park, if I fail to empty out my sneakers, am I breaking the law?
Hahaha, hopefully some common sense will be applied to the enforcement of this law...
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