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I'm flying from Buenos Aires to La Paz on August 1. I wanted to spend 3 days in La Paz, then take a bus to Potosi, and from Potosi to Uyuni for a 2 day tour and then bus from Uyuni back to La Paz and straight onto Cusco for a 5 day trek to Macchu Pichu. Currently I am scheduled to begin my tour on the 10th of August. Is it possible to do all of those places in Bolivia in 7 to 8 days (since I want a few days to acclimate in Cusco before the trek) ?

After the trek I was thinking about doing a night or two on the floating islands on Lake Titicaca and then making my way back to La Paz for my flight to Buenos Aires on August 19th.

I have no idea how long the bus rides take for each place or if this is even the best route. Does anybody know if this sounds do-able or if there is a better way I could take that starts and ends in La Paz?

You have it pretty well planned out. There should be no problem at all with your itinerary and route.

One thing you won't need to do in Cuzco is to acclimatize yourself for the trek. Bolivia is higher than Cuzco and the route of the trek, so you will be well acclimatised long before you get to Cuzco. Spend the extra time sightseeing there. It's a wonderful place.

One night on the floating islands is quite enough. Try to stop off in Copacabana on the way back and visit Isla del Sol.

Just in case you haven't been there yet, here are comments from fellow travelpodders. It may be worth skimming through these to get some ideas.

La Paz -
Potosi -
Uyuni -
Uros Floating Islands -
Isla del Sol -
Remember that most RESPONSIBLE tour operator offering the Inca Trail will not let you just arrive in Cusco the day before your trek, but require you to arrive about two days earlier in order to get used to the altitude - I'm assuming that's the trek you're doing in Cusco?
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