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Hi, I'm an intern for a company called DailyLit, and this summer I'm working on a project to fit into the installment-style concept of the company. Basically what DailyLit does is send you an entire ebook of your choosing in serialized form, sending you one installment per day (or however often you choose to get it).

My project is putting together a whole book, so I'm creating one called "Road Trip: United States" that covers each state in two to three installments (the third is if it's necessary).

The first installment is going to be the general experiences that people want to have when they go to these states - state parks, monuments, you get the idea. Everything that "you're supposed to do" when you go there.

The second installment is going to be the lesser-known experiences - more local events, festivals, things to do. Things that aren't necessarily on the beaten path, or that aren't necessarily in the big cities of the state. What are things that are famous within your state?

If you know anything for any state, please let me know! All help is greatly appreciated. If you'd like to talk more at length, please feel free to email me at bthomas [at] dailylit [dot] com.

Thanks so much!
Bailey, check out the "starter kits" in each state forum for all the information you might need:

If you end up using the information, please credit the person who wrote it and also TravelPod!
Definitely, Starla! I've been lurking on Travelpod for a while, and I would definitely give attribution where needed. smile.gif

OK cool, let me know if the starter kits help you.
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