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Full Version: Best Places to visit in Anna Maria/Sarasota, FL?
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Dining and activities needed mostly, please. yes.gif
Why is this in the trash can?

There are four blogs about Anna Maria,

The beach in Lake Manatee State Park looks like it has awesome beaches...

The Ringling Bros. museum looks like a cool thing to do in Sarasota:
Trash can?

Thanks a bunch for the links! They were helpful! :-)
I live in Sarasota and grew up in bradenton. Anna Maria area is the best place to hang out. Night life I haven't done in awhile. If in Sarasota, drive down south to Venice. It's beautful there. On the beach.
This is Venice, south of Sarasota.
Nice. It looks like a nice place. I'll suggest it to my mates to see if they wanna go. I dunno if we're old enough to do the night life stuff. Haha. So the site you gave is just helpful enough...especially with the restaurants. We were wondering what all was down there. Any places you strongly suggest?
Thanks there breezy. Go to tripadvisor on the web. Reviews and ratings on everything. enjoy.
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