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Full Version: Returning to Singapore after 8 years
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Hi there

I am in preparation for my 3 week long sightseeing trip to Singapore in February 2013.
My last visit was in 2003 and so much have changed.

Currently am preparing my schedule for this trip and the only thing needing much consideration is where to lodge for 3 weeks.
My previous visit was a brief 6 days and staying in the Furama Hotel was quite affordable.
But a 3 week vacation will be steep.

Any suggestions on a good guesthouse,bed and breakfast or small rental accommodation available in Singapore?
I am a very light traveler and will basically be me,a small backpack and my camera bag.

I appreciate all help on this one.
Happy travelling folks

There's a lot of budget hotels out there in Singapore. You may also want to try service apartments. It is more spacious and cheaper than a hotel and yet the service is also good.

Try check this site

Enjoy your trip!
Thanx a million for the help.I will check the website out right away.Thanx
Sure. Enjoy!
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