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Full Version: alcohol poisonings indonesia
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Please be careful in Indonesia, friend of mine I met whilst travelling in Thialand in Febraury 09 died after drinking a cocktail laced with Arak, the local moonshine. His Irish girlfiend also died. The homebrewed rice wine 'arak' had been contaminated with methanol, and around 25 people have so far died in indonesia.(June 09) I am surprised that there are no comments from travellers or warnings about this, it seems not to be well publicised.
There is a memorial page to Rene Puper and Racheal Craig set up by a fellow traveller on this site.
They were both very sensible, educated, seasoned travellers, so please be careful.
El Gordo
That's a shame, thank you for bringing it up, El Gordo.

Do you have a link to their memorial page?
Sorry to hear that,

Always buy the official alcohol in the Supermarkets!

Thats a shame.
I drank lots of the stuff when I was there March through April of 2008 and I can recommend staying away from it. It definitely has the potential to make you stupid, crazy and not your usual drunken self. So I stopped as soon as I realized this was happening.
So sorry to hear that.
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