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Full Version: What happened to the map detail?
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When I set a pin while editing my blog, I can zoom in and see roads, parks, etc. (this map says Google). However, when I view the final blog entry, there are only a few major roads displayed (this map says Bing). It's not clear what part of a city my pin is in or even if there is a city where my pin is.

Is there a way to get the full map detail when viewing blog entries (i.e. in the Bing map)? The lack of detail makes it very difficult to figure out exactly (or sometimes even approximately) where a person went when looking at other member's blogs.
Okay. I looked into this some more and apparently it's a data problem. Some countries (e.g. South Korea) don't have the level of detail in the Bing maps that they do in the Google maps. So I guess there's nothing to be done. (Other than ask the Bing maps don't replace the Google maps in the editor as well. smile.gif )
That is exactly it. I'm glad you were able to figure it out. Also there is nothing we can do about the level of detail as some countries do not provide the information required for it.
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