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Full Version: New experience in Thailand with full support for Fet-Thai foundation
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New experience in Thailand with full support from Fet-Thai foundation

[color=#000099]I'm now working as a coordinator staff for The foundation of Education and Technology Development (Thailand) or Fet-Thai in the department of volunteer english teacher program in Thailand.

If you are interested in joining a very exotic and beneficial volunteer program in Thailand.

I would like to invite all of you to come and visit our country by participating in the program to live with thai family, travel through every region, joining with our local lifestyle and being part of thai community member. The Fet-Thai volunteer english teacher program is the only program that allow alll participants to join in the program in a very flexible period, you can stay in Thailand 1 or 2 month or even 6 month or the whole year spending time with Thai students in schools, you can select to join in the program for more than 2 provinces or regions in one program.

We also arrange many thai classes such as thai cooking, thai classical dancing, thai massage, thai handcraft or thai agicultural for you. If you have a very strong intention to work with us and need our support, just let us know.

Those who are interested in our program, please visit our website:
Does this cost anything?
Good question. cchay?
According to the website, you actually get paid for this.
Well, maybe great.
Perhaps very dangerous to let loose a whole bunch of young backpacking idiots into positions of responsibility in the Thai school system.
But if the right people join and act responsibly, potentially great experience for everyone.

Monthly Salary Minimum 15,000 THB/month depends on the status of school and qualification of the volunteer)
Orientation Orientation in Bangkok before starting the program With sightseeing around Bangkok
Transportation From orientation to your host institution
Training Classes on TEFL theory and practice, language, and cross-cultural training
Hand Book Teaching advice, Medical Information, Local Resources, Cultural, Tourist information
Vacation Visiting local places, village, markets, temples and monuments.
Coordinator An English speaking school coordinator to help you adjust to the cultural differences and with survival Thai language and culture
Accidental & Health Insurance Through the period of program
Work Permit Arrange for the work permit procedure to get the work permit visa for you
Emergency Service 24 hour support from local coordinator
Select many locations For joining in 6 months program, you can select 2 different locations. For joining in 12 months program, you can select 3-4 different locations. * In case of any volunteer who want to change locations.
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