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Hi - I've traveled around the world solo or with my partner. But.. this October/November, I'm taking my 3 year old and soon to be newborn son to visit my sister in Brunei for 3 months.

After a week or so, I'll be itching to visit Thailand - a place I've dreamed of going but haven't yet.. So - I'm wanting to go solo with my new little babies. It will just be mom and two little boys.

Am I absolutely crazy to do this w/o another adult to help out? Can anyone advise relaxing and fun stuff to do in Thailand for 3 weeks? I've been reading a lot about how kid friendly Thailand is. And as I'm a seasoned traveler and not one to be sitting at home because I have small kids or my partner can't join me - I really want to do this!!!

Advice on kid friendly beaches, cities, traveling tips, activities,

Thank you thank you in advanced. I'll pass along my journeys to other parents who may want to follow in my footsteps.
Wow, you are brave, but I bet you can do it!

Have you been on trips with your first child by yourself before?
thanks for all of your encouragement - I really need it!.
Yes, I've traveled alone some with my 2.5 year old (Hawaii, Morocco, Spain, France) but mostly with my fiance who can only join for the Brunei/Bali portion of our trip.
I'm most concerned with keeping my then 3 year old close by and happy while tending to a 6 week old baby (nurse, change, burp). Great suggestions to avoid the big cities and stick to the beaches and mountain regions.

Any tips on specific beaches, cities that are family/toddler friendly. I think Chiang Mai for the elephants and other animals and then beaches. I've read about Ko Samui, Koh Bulon
Leh, Koh Chang and Koh Lanta but would like more feedback or suggestions.

Also - traveling within Thailand with kids. Is is best to take a bus, train, private car, plane???

Thanks again!
I'd say it's probably best to take a train, that way if the 3 year old gets restless, he/she can walk through the aisles or something like that.
This time is moonsoon so it's not good to go to the Island such as Bulone or the others are far from the land ...anyway Koh Samui , Phuket , Kho Chang and Krabi are recommended they are safe to go by big ferry to Kho Samui and Kho Chang or plane direct from BKK to there. Furthermore
Phuket and Krabi is the big city along the beaches so they are convenience for your babies.

On the other hand to Mountain like Chiangmai it's also good for green season right now but sometimes hard rain but it will not hot.

For you plan on Oct-Nov-Dec.. it's nearly normal hight season both of southern and northern and very good weather a bit cold for u but for Thai is very cold in the northern and the beach is very clear sky and water.

About the transportation in BKK you can use the baby carriage on Sky train.

For the train to other places is very safety but very slow let say fr. BKK - Chiangmai take 10-12 hrs for 700 km.

Welcome to Thailand....
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