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Full Version: Alaska - Anchorage in September 2012
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Hello people

I'm going to Alaska (Anchorage) in September 2012 and would like to know how is the weather there this time?

Could anyone tell me what you have to do there? It has many activities? Someone suggests me something?

frantics.gif hugs!
QUOTE(gonzo_kerouac @ Aug 19 2012, 05:34 PM) *

I live in Alaska and I can tell you that the weather in Anchorage is fine. Expect about 10 degrees C or better - perhaps getting close to 0 for nights in late September. As far as what to do in Anchorage - why are you going there? Are you just showing up and waiting for someone to suggest what to do? Perhaps if you post again with a little clearer idea of why you are coming, how long you'll be there and what your budget is, it would be easier to pass along some ideas.

So, I will stay only three days in Anchorage, I already have a schedule to visit the glaciers from the city of Whittier and I'm programming to climb Flattop Mountain. I also know the Zoo and the Museum of Anchorage.


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