My visit to Sri Lanka in August 2011 was so fabulous.
Im happy of the decision i made to travel Sri Lanka because the things i collected to my albums and life is so worth and it really made me feel travel again to Sri Lanka.

i think my travel to Sri Lanka would not be so nice and easy if i didn't met my travel Guide Ashan Fernando Who helped me on my travel by doing the Transport, Guiding and Hotel Accommodation.

It is best to hire a driver and car as the roads in Sri Lanka are not too good, and the driving is crazy. The rates are affordable. We hired a very good driver and air conditioned car in August last year and was very happy with the service, English speaking, knowledgeable and pleasant/helpful he provide worth for the price and good clean and nice

Ashan the guide/ driver we had.
. as per to are budget he worked out things so nice. Most hotels have accommodation and meals free for the driver.

The Tour Guide/driver we used :Mr. Ashan Fernando HAPPYSHAN

He can help with itinerary, hotel bookings, etc.

people travel to Sri Lanka it will be a great tour to have.

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