G'day all I have been to Canada 3 times and each time i have flown across the prairies, now my quandary is we will be back in Canada again in late 2013 and i am trying to work on a 8 weeks schedule around the world, the first part is done and dusted the second which comprises mainly of Canada we will be in Toronto for a few days then getting the train to Halifax for a few days.

I have friends n Saskatoon who we will stay with for about a week then i want to fly to Edmonton for a couple of days maybe 3 time wise is a factor then back to Vancouver and depending again on time up to knights inlet to see some grizzlies then finally back home to Brisbane.

Now the question is do we forgo some of the places we want to visit and travel on the Canadian from Toronto to Saskatoon and then onto the other destinations or do we fly across from Halifax to Saskatoon saving at least 4 days, we possible can come back again at a later date and do the Canadian or is it just as much fun on the ocean and then fly to Saskatoon.

Any advice or ideas would be great we have roughly 3 weeks in Canada total