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Full Version: Fancy joining a convoy through Mexico?
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Hi everyone,

My partner David (45) and I (30) are neither from the Uk and 2 months into a 9 month trip around the world. Take a peak at our (new, completely draft phase) blog to see where we've been so far.

Next on our itinerary is South America, by car and with dog. Currently in Texas sorting both. While we are so excited about this leg of our journey we are also extremely nervous about driving through Mexico (and later, Columbia). There's mixed reports on dodgy bribery police - ranging from the spineless chancers who'll take a packs of cigs to the aggressive ones who threaten you with prison unless you pay a large sum of cash. Oh and then there's the small matter of the drug cartels.

Apparently one of the safest ways to cross the country is as part of a convoy. Safety in numbers for all the obvious reasons.

We will be crossing a US/Mexico border (as yet undetermined) in between late Jan - mid Feb (we're waiting for our car papers to be processed). If anyone would like to travel with us through Mexico that would be fantastic. Open to routes (avoiding crime hotspots) and dogs welcome.

The more the merrier!

Looking forward to hearing from you on here or email us at

Ellen and David
I want to convoy to nic. leaving very soon Hear pacific rout best I will take whichever one
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