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I have read a couple of things about the Pelni boats in Indonesia and that its the cheapest way to get around the different islands of Indonesia. Has anyone traveled by pelni (or any other boat company for that matter) in Indonesia? What was your experience, how much did it cost? etc..
Argh! I left a response to this yesterday but for some reason it disappeared! Maybe the page didn't load properly...

Anyway, I found a good link with some first-hand advice about traveling on Indonesia's PELNI boats. I haven't done it myself but I have known people who have. Economy class can get very overcrowded and very dirty and smoky after awhile. On the flip side, it's a great way to interact with locals. There are 1st and 2nd class cabins available as well, for more money ofcourse, some with their attached loos.

The PELNI Experience

PELNI For Virgins

Hope you get something out of those links smile.gif

Perfect! Thank you so much for those links, I have been looking for something like that, its pretty insightful. I am pretty excited to travel around by pelni.
It sounds great! Maybe the overcrowding isn't that appealing to some but to others it's the perfect opportunity to meet locals. I'll be curious to know how it all turns out for you.
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