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Full Version: I-80 or I-40?
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My fiancee and I are road tripping from California to Virginia with 2 dogs in a few days. We can't decide what route we want to take. I would like to take I-40 (I'm from the South and would like him to see that area) but am worried about the weather and the dogs, but am thinking that I-80 would be faster and easier (but we've both gone that route so many times...), any suggestions?
PS...we're kind of on a tight schedule as we are getting married in a week and a half so thats raises another issue.
Any suggestions would be great!! Thanks
Not exactly sure how Google chooses routes but when I Googled your route, the map follows the I-40. I thought the worst weather was throughout the winter months.....? There will be construction, as far as I can tell, along the I-40 but it looks like mostly just through Knoxville.

If you're worried about time I'd take the I-80 through the plains. Why not take the I-80 there and enjoy the drive along I-40 on the way back?

Ohhhhhhh take the I-40!

If you've been on the I-80 a million times, do something different for once. You never know what you might find.

If you've taken the I-80 a whole bunch of times already, I would take the I-40 just to have some new experiences on your trip smile.gif Have fun!
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