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When I was in Barcelona two months ago, I saw many small shops with big signs -TAPAS-

One day I asked what Tapas mean, and I was told that it is snacks like sandwiches sausages, etc...... I was disappointed because my sister told me not to leave Barcelona without going in a Tapas restaurant. In Barcelona many were called like that, but it was not what I expected.

Can anyone inform me what actually TAPAS IS, and where to find the BEST TAPAS in Madrid when I go this summer?
Is it expensive? Please describe tapas to me.

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Thanks for the above info......Yes, I will have them standing up for a start the first time, and if I do like I will sit and enjoy it.

Thanks a lot!!
I love Tapas. My experience in the US is that they are very overpriced. :-(

I eat tapas as dinner. I can't get enough of it! I can't give you suggestions where to eat tapas in Madrid, but I have been told that the bocadillo con caramales (sandwich with fried octopus rings) are tipical for Madrid! If you ever have the chance to go to Barcelona again you should eat tapas at Sol Solet Tapas it is in the neighborhood Gracia. It is a very posh and cute neighborhood.

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I'm going for Tapas for my birthday next week frantics.gif
It depends what kind of tapas bar you go to and what type of traditions it holds. Tapas traditionally used to be as simple as serving an olive on top of a bottle to keep the flies out. In time things progressed and became more exquisite.

I haven't been to Madrid so can't comment but I would highly recommend the inland cities, in particularly Granada, Arcos and Jerez de la Frontera.

The tapas bars in Granada work work on a kind of loyalty system: buy a nice glass of Rioja and you'll get a small plate of tapas, maybe a bocadillo or some tasty albondigas. Buy another drink and another and the quality of the tapas just keeps on getting better and better, culminating in a truly wonderful night out.

Having said that the majority of the bars overrun with British scum generally won't serve good tapas, for obvious reasons.

If you find a good one, expect all sorts of delights, such as bacalao (fried fish), gambas pil pil (spicy prawns) olives, anchovies, bocadillos (small meaty baguette sandwiches), albondigas (paprika-spiced meatballs in thick smoky sauce), dry cured meats, pimientos, small rolled steaks, tomato and garlic salads, potatas bravas (delectable), the list goes on. Keep drinking, keep eating, keep smiling.. yes.gif

Enjoy! thumbsup.png
Of all the regions in Spain, I've found the tapas in the Basque country (called pintxos there) are the by far the best. They are more elaborate, possibly because of the proximity to the French border. Anyway, if you see a Basque tapas bar in Madrid, it'd be worth checking out.
If you are in Madrid, and you decide try the best Tapas, donīt miss Cava Baja street, in La Latina Area.
There are a lot of bars in a row.
If you would like to try 5 five different tapas with 2 beers or red wines, give you this opportunity for 20 € each person.
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