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Here are photos accompanied by a narration of the current situation in Sri Lanka from Human Rights Watch.

Sri Lanka; Trapped and Under Fire

Human Rights Watch researcher Anna Neistat says both sides in Sri Lanka's conflict are violating the laws of war. Approximately 100,000 civilians are trapped in a government-declared "no-fire zone" in the northern Vanni region. Tamil Tiger (LTTE) rebels have prevented civilians from leaving a tiny strip of land, while government
forces have repeatedly and indiscriminately shelled the area.

These photos are from a makeshift hospital in Putumattalan that was treating survivors of attacks on April 8 and 9, 2009. Many were women and children who were waiting in a food distribution line in Pokkanai when artillery shells hit.

More Civilians Reported Killed.......

This is really heartbreaking. Has anyone been following the situation at all?
Oh my god... I thought the president said that it was over!
The fighting is but it'll take ages to get back to any sense of normality in the north.
Yeah you're right. Isn't that always the case with war and violence? It takes a LONG time for people to trust their enemies again.

Every thing is over from 19th of May 2009... Now country is very peacefull... People are happy.. No more civilian under Terrorist... Gov. forces resque more than 175000 civillians...

World bigest humantarian Res, mission has done by Sri Lankan forces...

Now no one cant say any of the area is under terrorist science May... 30years old terrorisam is over.,

Go to beautifull country meet the people... U will realice How nice it is...

Wishing you a happy journy,

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