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Full Version: Tip for Airport Transfers between Sao Paulo Airports
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Just a quick tip, cuz I've done this several times now.

If you want to go between the two Sao Paulo airports, Guarulhos and and Congonhas, there are a few different ways to go about it.

If you want to take a taxi, go to the taxi counters inside the airport or directly outside the doors. DON'T USE THE GUYS THAT ARE HANGING OUTSIDE THE ARRIVALS GATE!! Generally, they aren't licensed taxi drivers and will most likely rip you off in price. I've never used them but have been told by my Brasilian coworkers that this is the case.

When you get to the official taxi counter, I've noticed two different companies, "Comum 606" and "Branco-Vermelho (White and Red)" taxi companies. Several good things about these taxi counters: you pay a set amount, so you don't have to worry about getting ripped off; you can use a credit card (good for business or if you're low on local currency); all tips and everything is already included.

"Comum 606" is a little bit more expensive, but if you have 3-5 people traveling or a lot of luggage, it's worth it because the vehicles are bigger (small minibuses, wagons, and small SUVs). The price was $93 Reals when I took it on Monday and the back of the car swallowed up all my and my wife's luggage (all of which doesn't fit in the back of a car the size of a Ford Fusion for comparison)

"Branco-Vermelho" is a little bit cheaper but uses smaller cars. It's good for 2 people or 3 if you've got only a little bit of luggage apiece, otherwise, some of your luggage has to ride in the front seat, which isn't exactly safe in Sao Paulo. The price for it was $80 Reals (back in January).

There is also a dedicated airport bus that costs ~$35 Reals per person. It takes a little bit longer, but this is the cheapest way to go, especially if you're traveling by yourself.

Hope this helps anyone looking...
Thanks Billy Bill. I think it's always best to take public transit, but if you can't never trust some taxi driver that is pressuring you.
Just doing my part to help smile.gif

And my wife wanted to take the bus originally, but I didn't want to have to manhandle all our luggage (1 huge 27kg suitcase, 1 large 20kg duffel, 1 medium 16kg duffel, and 2 carry-ons) onto a public bus and have to keep watch over them in Sao Paulo. Even the locals tell you to keep your bags close to you at all times on the buses here.

That's why I wanted to put several options out there...something for every situation!
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