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Another great and popular tourist destination is my home- Wilmington! Wilmington is located on the Atlantic coast in New Hanover County, and is home to the ever-popular Wrightsville Beach, NC. Most people who have never heard of or been to Wilmington would probably be familiar with our chief export- film and television! Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, even the 1993 Brandon Lee movie "The Crow" were all filmed here (One Tree Hill still is in fact, I think). The region is also known as the Cape Fear area, due to being at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, where is meets the Atlantic Ocean. the temperatures this weekend are going to be in the 80's already, and are warm weather has been pretty consistent for about a week now. We only get about 2 months of solid cold here- January and February, although November, December, and March are not exactly balmy.
If you ARE coming to Wilmington in the coming weeks or months, be forewarned that the traffic pattern in what we commonly refer to as the "Monkey Junction" area (you'll understand when you get here) is under major construction. They are creating a new traffic pattern, complete with new medians, new traffic lights, and new turning lanes. This is important to know because if you come to Wilmington, you will most likely pass through this intersection many, many times, as it is the direct way to Carolina Beach, one of the major beaches in Wilmington. Many new businesses are opening up in this area, including a movie theater and a Target¯™, so also if you are coming to Wilmington, there are going to be a lot more options for what I like to call Uber areas to stay i.e. hotel, restaurant, stores, convenience stores and more in one little tiny space of the city. I live down the street in the Pine Valley area of Wilmington, and they already have 2 grocery stores, a Walgreens, 2 banks, cell phone stores, restaurants, and 2 gas stations within a 1 mile radius of my apartment. sorry, no major hotels. I'll use next post to discuss major resorts, as we are rapidly approaching that season, and that will probably be the most popular question.
Heat warning: if you are going to be out and about in Wilmington today, taking the kids for a trip to the beach, taking Grandma and Grandpa downtown to the riverwalk, be advised it is 91 degrees today, high of 94, and heat index around...brace yourselves...105 degrees. That is hot for a desert, and Arizona we ain't people. That temperature is a LOT hotter hear than the arid west because the dripping wet moisture makes it hard to breathe, see, and move...literally. Go to the pool (with sunscreen, please), go to the beach, but be careful walking around town, it is dangerous and un-advisable for anyone, especially children and elderly. My advice folks is to make this a great weekend inside, enjoy the A/C of your hotel room or condo, and let the kids play video games...heck, that's what i'm doing (downloaded 3 old games to the Wii™, got half a case of beer, and waiting until sunset to leave the house!). Be careful, be safe, and please, be smart.
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