Hello everyone,

I have just been awarded a small grant to go and spend 90 days at the Berkeley campus. However, coming from a University in South Africa, and living in a national park, our daily budget isn't going to stretch very far. My biggest concern is finding a relatively cheap place to stay, and although I have looked online (Craig's List), i haven't really found much so far. The University is unable to help, especially as I will not be staying for the full year.

Please do any of you know if there are any local options to house-sit, rent a garden flat or similar in the Berkeley, Oakland or SF area? I am used to sleeping on a matress on the floor, and am very laid back about material things ( I don't need them, but take very good care of those that belong to other people!).

Perhaps the only option will be to arrive and find my way once I am there, but any advice would be great. The time period is Sept 1st to Nov 28th.

Thanks so much,