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Full Version: Well..if you can't laugh at yourself, who CAN you laugh at?
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A comedy troupe from Cleveland made this "promotional" video to poke fun at their home town.

Little bit of a strong language warning, watch out.

P.S.: Hey! I still use a payphone!
You WANT us to watch filthy language. What kind of site is this??
Yay Cleveland!! I love visiting my family there. I've been to a few of those restaurants they showed hyper.gif
Hahaha? Sushi Rock?
Yea, my brother and his wife go there all the time. They like to rub in their half price sushi receipt in my face when they get it.
What does that mean?
That place has a half price sushi night and they usually get a bill thats like $150 with a bunch of friends then rub it in about how good it was. The receipt is a solid foot+ long at least after everything is added on.
Ohhhhh, I see that's funny.
Here is a second attempt from the same group:

Haven't been to the part of Cleveland where they have the 20 story LeBron banner recently, but it seems like they've changed it since I've been last.
Ohhhhhh my goodness, those are funny.

But I love Detroit! I guess that means I'd REALLY love Cleveland... maybe I should go.

There's a WHOLE BUNCH of hastily made Cleveland videos on YouTube now...
those are the best videos ever.

and sushi rock is cleveland's sad attempt at having an uppity dining scene. that being said, my friends loooove half price night.
But you don't like it Sarah?
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