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Full Version: Guidance trip to Brazil Dec 2011
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I am traveling to Brazil this Dec. I am going to visit some friends/colleagues in Curitiba for a few days, however want to stay remainder of time on a beach and not wanting to go to Rio at all. I want picturesque tranquil time. Any suggestions? I am using Co Air miles so thought of flying into to Sao Paulo however heard Curitiba is 6 hours away, so gues should fly there however fly back to Houston from Curitiba again or what...I have never been? Let me know your thoughts. I am a female 45 years old and don't have a huge budget. Thanks.
I spent 6 months in Brasil last year and loved it!
I would suggest buying a Brasilian Air Pass that lets you fly to 4 destinations in Brasil for approx. $500 US. The Air Pass must be purchased before you get to Brasil and the whole thing must be used while you are can't split it up in multiple visits to Brasil. Have you ever been to Brasil? Rio is really a must-see...breathtakingly beautiful city with a very chill vibe. During Carnaval it get's crazy, but it's pretty tame otherwise. If you want tranquil and relaxing, try Florianopolis (Santa Catarina)...beautiful beaches, extremely safe, and a hopping party scene close by. I would also highly recommend Fernando De Noronha, off the coast of Pernambuco in the north. It is considered "the Hawaii of Brasil" and you can get accommodations relatively cheaply and see some stunning natural beauty. Don't hesitate to stay in hostels or pousadas; they are much cheaper than hotels and you will be able to meet other travelers. Have fun!
I suggest you to visit Rip de Janeiro. It is very beautiful city. A good idea is also to book your accommodation in advance if you want to save some money. There are a lot of online hotel booking websites which offer good hotel deals. For Brasil you can visit
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