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Full Version: Fall or Spring Trip
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Hey all!

New to the forums here and i thought id introduce myself along with a poll. im 21 and i live in chicago and i just got finished doing my first real trip london and rome. it was amazing, and now i want to continue to travel until i cant anymore

so either this fall or this upcoming spring me and my friends are thinking of doing a trip in the states just one city or two not quite sure yet. so far were thinking either vegas or new orleans but some dont want to go to these places so i was hoping for any other ideas. we will all be 21, money is on a budget, dont know how much we have to spend yet. thanks!
I know that feeling not sure where to go and you like to see so much....
I went last year and it was amazing.

If you are interested in travelling throught the USA and you not sure how, where, when etc... Visit the are doing great tours over all America from 3 to 64 day's of travel and you can get a 5%discount if you enter this code: 800025
If you have any further questions just inbox me!!!
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