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Full Version: need advise for Sao paulo
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Dear All

I will be travelling on business trip to Brazil next month. I will be have 1.5 days in Sao paulo on weekend to be tourist. Pl advise on things to do and where to shop and see things in Sao paulo. many thanks in advace for your reply.


I was there in December, but just for a day and staying with friends. They took me in their car to the National Park which was really nice, and you could see the Sao Paolo city buildings from there. There is a main shopping street right in the city centre - I hope someone can help you with the name of it, as I'm afraid I've forgotten -- we drove down it, but didn't stop as it was quite hectic with preparations for New Years Eve.
The Metro system is great as well to get around. Sorry I can't be much more help, hope you have a good time
Goodness! That's a bit vague. Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities on earth. It may not be one of my favourite cities for tourism, but is sure has lots of things to do. You might want to check out the TripAdvisor popularity rating of things to do.

Also skim through these blogs to see what other Travelpodders did while they were there.

Rua Augusta is one of the best shopping streets in Sao Paulo. Perhaps that's the one kathryn77 was referring to.

Also I bet Big Red Truck will have some advice, as I'm sure Sao Paulo has been his weekend playground recently.

QUOTE(mmbcross @ Apr 5 2009, 06:06 PM) *

...Also I bet Big Red Truck will have some advice, as I'm sure Sao Paulo has been his weekend playground recently.

Actually, I've only ever been to Sao Paulo for the airport. I keep telling myself that someday I will go there...but it never happens. And now that we're working 7d/wk, it won't happen this month. I can tell you where to stay in the airport (GRU) if you have a long layover. It's called Fast Sleep

Sorry I don't have more than that...

I realize this is too late, but perhaps it might help others who have only a few days in Sao Paulo.

You could hit the center (get off at the Republica stop) and take a walk to see all the street activity, then hop off and get to Consolacao to walk down Rua Augusta into Jardins to get a different stance of the city.

If you're in town over the weekend, the Benedito Calixto antiques fair is a great hangout spot, and it's within walking distance of boho Vila Madalena. I love the weekends in Sao Paulo -- there are always so many cultural activities going on that it's hard to pick which one to do.

Of course, no matter which evening it is, head out. Sao Paulo's nightlife teems with restaurants and clubs, all of which should be experienced.

Enjoy your time in the city!

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