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Full Version: funds for 2 months in the states
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I am going to america for 2 months from 10th june-10 aug. We will be driving down the east coast as I already have a car then, and will have free accom for about 2 weeks, other than that we will be flying to las vegas and using public transport in california for about 3 or 4 weeks.

I was wondering if 2000 would be enough to cover this 2 months, bearing mind that we will split fuel costs of driving between 3 of us?
That's only 33 per far are you planning to drive each day? I think you'll be spending at least 10 in gas per day. Can you live on 20 and pay for a hostel?

Will you be couchsurfing? You could probably do it if you couchsurfed.
Keep in mind that the hostel scene in the US in pathetic compared to the rest of the world, so you might have to stay in budget hotels. They range from about $35 up, although you're going to be hard pressed to find many that go that cheap.

Vegas is pretty expensive (from a food/lodging standpoint) but also if you plan to gamble it can get really expensive. Is the plane ticket to Vegas in that 2000?

Also, what about a budget for other things? Food? Tourist attractions? etc...

I agree with Louise, you could do it if you couchsurfed, but are you comfortable with that? I've never done it but it might be hard with 3 people....
2000 sure ain't what it used to be, now about US$ 2,850.00. As Starlagurl says, under US$ 50.00 a day. Is that 2,000 each or 2,000 for all three of you?

I suppose that if you really travel economically, as long as you haven't rented a gas guzzling SUV, you could just about do it. It may mean sleeping in lowest of the low motels (Motel 6, Super 8, or mom & pop motels, etc.) and eating in McDonalds. Couchsurfing for three may be a little problematical. Motel 6 in Las Vegas (there are 6 in total) is from US$ 33.00 a night.

I trust you don't intend to bring all your money in cash! Hopefully you will stock up your UK bank account and use your cash card (ATM card) here.
Cheers for the help, I guess I should have explained a little more in depth, it'll be at least 2000 each, the 2k mark was a pesimistic guestimate. We fly into Dulles on the 10th June and will stay with my relatives for a week or two in Richmond Va, then travel around Va and drive up to NYC, Boston and possibly toronto then back, stopping off at various places along the way. We intend to camp quite alot on this driving part.

We will flight out of Dc or Richmond to Las Vegas and probably greyhound or amtrak it around california, most likely greyhound. What is a realistic amount of spending money I might need then? I have also exchanged about 1000 back when the exchange rate was ever so slightly better and i got $1500.

And no I won't be taking all my cash around with me, I'l probably use a post office credit card or see if can set up an account over there as I have american citizenship.

Worst year ever to go on a gap year with the pathetic sterling!

Wow! And I thought you had 2,000 for all three of you. With 2,000 each, you should be able to live like lords of the manor (well, maybe not quite).

Definitely set up an account here. That will save on international charges for ATM use. Also make sure it is with a bank that has a countrywide distribution system, such as Bank of America. If not, you will find that even local ATM charges will soon be making a hole in your budget.

If there are three of you, you may actually find it is less expensive to rent a car in California. For example the Los Angeles to San Francisco fare is US$ 48.00 each. You can rent a car in California for a week at that price. You should also keep in mind that renting a car in one state, and dropping it off in another may involve a hefty drop-off charge.
You can rent a car for a week for $48??? That's incredible!

It's $75 a DAY here in Canada (including insurance)... Definitely look into that option and see if Martin is telling the truth...

hmm i don't know if it will be alright because like starlagurl said its only 33 a day really and accom doesn't seem to great for us, despite hopefully camping most of it. I am trying to weigh up the effect of taking 500 out of my budget for this for a flight to australia really as she probably pieced together. would 2500 be sufficiently better, taking into consideration the price of tourist attractions etc?

oh yeh i actually already have the car you see, we don't need to by one as my family over there has one to spare i think. plus we are only 18 so are too young to do so in most places.

what would your suggestion of funding be to be able to comfortably afford the tourist attractions?
Well, maybe you could just leave when you run out of money? Is that possible?
QUOTE(starlagurl @ Mar 31 2009, 01:40 PM) *

Well, maybe you could just leave when you run out of money? Is that possible?

Yeh you're right, I should stop worrying and just get on with it. haha. thanks for your help hopefully il scrape by with it.
QUOTE(starlagurl @ Mar 31 2009, 10:56 AM) *

You can rent a car for a week for $48??? That's incredible!

The fare from Los Angeles to San Francisco is US$ 48.00 each x 3 passengers = US$ 144.00.

You didn't say you were under 21. Regrettably you can't rent a car in the US if you are under 21.
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