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Hay guys,

What are some of the options for traveling from rio - flori

can i get a domestic flight? if so what company or web sight is a good one to use?

Can i travel by bus? and if so how long would the trip be?

i look forward to your reply's

Peace from Timor East.

There's not much information about buses, but there are two major airlines that can get you there from Rio.

In a car Google maps says it takes 13 hours, so I'm assuming that a bus would take longer than that.
Once again thanks Star, your a wealth of knowledge
Domestic airfares are very high in Brasil.

From Rio to Florianopolis, you will probably have to change buses in Sao Paulo.
Rio to Sao Paulo is 6 hours.
Sao Paulo to Florianopolis is 10 hours.

Boa sorte
Just as a note, GOL Airlines ( will allow a foreigner to book and pay for a flight with a credit card online. TAM airlines requires you to have a Brazilian ID number that matches the credit card you're using.

But just a quick check showed me that a flight from GIG or SDU to FLN will be R$469 or more... Don't know what your budget is.
Hey, it's pretty easy to do the RIO-FLORIPA way, once they are capitals...
You can get a flight -> the best ones are: VARIG, GOL, TAM, AZUL...
These companies sometimes offer cheaper tickets, so check out their websites!
Or you can go by bus, which can be a lot cheaper!
Two bus companies do this route it takes 18hours and latest cost i have is 204Reals not too cheap either. One of the companies is called Itapemirim or something similar price was quoted at bus station, agents around Rio were telling me 250. I cannot remember the other company that do this route
It seems that every time I try and book one of those airlines, I end up needing a CPF with associated credit card. I believe a few take American Express now, otherwise you need to pay with cash at the airport in advance.

If you end up with webjet, don't believe them when they say you can go a couple hours before and buy a ticket. I've done that as well, and the incompetence was amazing. They need managers to sell the tickets and they weren't going to be around until the flights left. Argh.

I flew from Floro RIO this january and I believe it came out to 450R (last minute purchase..)
QUOTE(brasilishostel @ Mar 31 2010, 02:35 PM) *

Why are you going to Floripa? Thousands of nicer parts of Brasil....


Need 8 day itinerary in Eastern Brazil
in Rio for 2 days then need to figure out rest of trip. I was thinking about Floripa but may to too over hyped. My husband and I like the beach - prefer snorkeling to surf - like culture. Any other beach places you recommend within 2 hour flight of Rio - thanks
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