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Full Version: How to spend 9 days in the Northern US
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Fantastic summary from Corinne, thank you.

A strange combination of late night TV in the UK (a documentary regarding the architecture of Chicago, signed for the deaf), the sights of "Source Code" at the cinema + fond memories of band of the same name has made me book 9 days in Chicago next month.

I'm definitely doing the River Tour, free stuff and Starved Rock State Park. I rather fancy a day on 'the beach' too.

I thought a drive up to Green Bay along the lake shore road might be fun too perhaps returning via Madison perhaps over 4 days or so.

Roadside America looks like a great resource, but does this sound like a decent plan, or would people go off in a different direction altogether.

Thanks in anticipation
Great itinerary! I think it is great that you are venturing out of the city a bit, and Starved Rock is a perfect way to see some nature. People get stuck in the idea of staying in Downtown Chicago and miss a lot. Starting soon Chicago has a lot of street festivals so you should look at what is happening in the area.

If you enjoy driving, the Green Bay/Madison route could be nice. I would check to see if there are specific things you want to do at each destinations. Both wonderful cities with some nice things to see, but comparatively small. If you do go that way, possibly stop in Milwaukee as well. That seems like a large chunk out of your trip for that excursion though, so look into it. I've actually done some short roadtrips in that area with roadside america, and there are some fun random places to visit. You'd have to overshoot Madison a bit, but House on the Rock is a cool place to visit.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

If you want more recommendations, let me know more about what you like to do when you travel and I'd be happy to share more!
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