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Full Version: Five Asia-like places in the U.S.
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Can't afford a trip to Asia this year?
Here's five places you can go to to make it feel like you're there, without leaving home:

Koreatown in Los Angeles
Japantown in San Francisco
Little Saigon in Houston, Texas
Filipino community in Las Vegas
Indians/South Asians in Millbourne, Pennsylvania

Anyone familiar with these places? Any other "Asia-towns" to add to the list?
We had a small Japanese agricultural community in South Florida who settled in Palm Beach County 1903 to grow pineapples. Presently there is a wonderful museum and garden to recall these pioneering farmers.

What about Chinatown in San Fran? I've actually never heard of Japantown there????
Yah for sure, that would be one of the obvious ones.
Now you have someplace new to explore next time you go there, Kit!
In addition to Korea Town the LA area also has Thai Town, Little Saigon, of course China Town, Little Tokyo, Filipinotown, Little Cambodia in Long Beach and if you include the Middle East as part of Asia Little Gaza in Anaheim and Little Persia. Not to mention the (admittedly non-Asian) Little Ethiopia.
Yeah, I just heard on the radio that they are having a Cherry Blossom Festival in Little Tokyo in L.A. (not sure of the dates...maybe this weekend?).
Spam and rice? Really? That's good?
Actually, every major city has a Chinatown (even London & Amsterdam). Asians, especially the Chinese, have a tendancy to gravitate into a community. I've found a Chinatown in nearly every city in the US & Canada. In Seattle, it's call the International District (or I-District for short).
There's also a Chinatown in New York and one in Boston.
On a side note, there's a chinatown in the Dominican Republic! :-)

IPB Image
Looks gross!

IPB Image
I think I"m gonna trust you on that one.
Oooh Spam! I like spam. It was the only dish my grandfather could make. I used to eat it when I went to his house when I was a kid. He would make S.O.S. for breakfast.
Haha what is S.O.S???
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