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Hi All

Whats everyone favourte London attraction?? Ive been to London twice myself and the first time was to the millenium dome which has now become the 02 areana. It was only the Millenium dome for a year or two did anyone ever go there?

I also quite enjoyed madame tussaud even though it was quite crowded!!

Im thinking of takein a trip to London again soon any recomendations what attractions to see??
When I was in London, I visited the British Museum, Queen Mary's Park, Oxford Circus, Carnaby Street, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, St Jame's Park, Covent Garden, the Parliarment, Westminister Abbey, Hyde Park, the Museum of London, the Tower of London, the Museum of Moving Images, & took a walking tour of Chelsea.

For one day I went to Greenwich & spent most of my time at their maritime museum. Down one of their streets, I followed my nose to the best fish&chips I ever had.

What impressed me most, I think, was Westminster Abbey. I was spellbound by its very historicity. And I enjoyed the walking tour very much. I should have taken more.
Go up to Primose Hill at night... you can see over the whole of London, its magic.
Thanks guys for all your suggestions.
Since I'm in London everyday when employed, I'd argue my favorite part of London is the very cool little lanes in the City. Full of history, culture and fantastic examples of architecture. Another way to look at it is full of pubs, restaurants and very attractive women.

I'm also a fan of St James park, Brick Lane/Shoreditch and the Southbank.
London has so much to do! I think the Natural History Museum is one of my favourites - you can really spend hours here as there is so much to see! I also love the interactive section in the Science Museum.
Well London is a lovely place to visit and as every one is sharing about many historical places there is one more place that is Buckingham palace its also amazing.. angel1.gif
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