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Full Version: Get your kicks on Route 66
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This is the route of my upcoming road trip:

I just realized that it partially follows the "Historic Route 66"

Now it's known as the 101, 40 and 55

Has anybody done this drive or similar? Will it be boring? What will I see along the way?
I've driven from Tuscon to the AZ/CA border mostly on the original Route 66. It was mostly Native American Reservations and lots and lots of nothing. I enjoyed it far more than driving down the interstate.
It's going to have to take 7 days...

We are delivering a car for my friend, Dave in Toronto. It's a big fancy Lexus and he's paying for gas too!

Darren: Good to hear, glad you had a good time. It should be interesting...

Is that the blog about it?:
This is well exciting, it looks immense!

When are you going?
May 9 we are picking up the car in Phoenix. From there, we don't know what else we are doing.
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