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Full Version: Saturday Night Live Hula sketch draws criticism
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Has anybody seen the sketch on Saturday Night Live about the Hawaiian hula dancers?
It seems that I "can't see it from my country" every time I click a link for it.

It's making the board of tourism in Hawaii really upset..

Here's an excerpt of the dialogue:

Tourist: This place is so peaceful. You must love living here.

Armisen: Oh? Peaceful? It's so peaceful here in your oceanfront resort? My brother and I live 15 miles inland. There's a rusty pick-up truck with weeds growing out of it. That's our HOUSE.

Johnson: Yeah. Wanna come visit? It's real easy to find -- you just drive through the shantytown, make a right at the meth lab and you'll see a 15-year-old girl who got pregnant by an out-of-town businessman, then ask for her brother. That's me.

I looked around at some blogs and couldn't find anybody that actually LIKED their luau dance party....I guess the feelings are mutual...

I wrote a little thing about it:
No, but now that I know it's forbidden I can't resist the allure. I hope someone can find a link that works in Canada.
Has anybody been to a luau?
We've been to the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau.
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