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Full Version: Kapadokia from Kemer? - Kapadokia travel question
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We will be in Kemer on 18th to 24th of March 2011.How we can go to Kapadokia? How far is Kapadokia from Kemer?
Kemer is approximately 380 miles from Göreme, one of the main towns of the Cappadocia region. The journey by car would take over 9 hours.

I would suggest your your best option would be to travel by inter-city coach which are safe, reliable and comfortable. The main route would be from Antalya, just 30 miles from Kemer, although the coach company may well provide a service bus to Antalya Bus Station (Otogar). Alternatively, it would be an inexpensive local bus journey.

There are emany coach companies operating to the Cappadocia area including Metro, Ulusoy, Kamil Koç, Varan, and others and the cost of the journey from Antalyta to Göreme would be around 35 - 40 Turkish Lira, the trip taking between nine and ten hours - during the day or overnight.

If you do need any further, more detailed information please let me know.

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