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Full Version: Hate eating at airports?
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Blech! Usually, I try and bring a lunch, to avoid eating at those gross excuses for food they serve at airport dining areas.

Here's a list of places to go just outside of the airports in major US destinations.

Is there a nice place near the airport in your town?

What is it?
Haha, I think the closest place outside the airport here is a 7-11 convenience store. IF you head a ways down the highway, there is a town, but hardly handy. I think the airport here has good food options though. If you don't like the food, there's always beer!
At large airports there are a variety of places to eat. So it's just a matter of finding the good one(s). Pubs & eateries with fresh food, such as bagelries, have enjoyable fare, which aren't so high in price. So stroll around & look over the menus, prices, & the freshness of the food. If you see employees chopping up fresh onions, tomatoes, & lettuce, that's a good sign. With several eateries, there's more competition, so each will be trying their best to attract your business in their prices, portions, & quality.

In small airports, where there's little or no competition among eateries, buy a bagged meal near your hotel before checking out.
Near my airport (in Ottawa) there is a Keg on Hunt Club Rd. ...meh... and a pretty cool blues club called Tucson's at Bank St. and Hunt Club Rd. That's all.

It would not take too long to get to Tucson's from the airport on the bus. Take the 98 bus from South Keys station!

But does anyone ever have a layover in Ottawa? I don't think so.
I can't say there is anything close to the Dayton airport. But some airports I have flown into have at least decent fast food chains like Quiznos or others inside the terminals. Slightly better in my book than the McDonalds or crappy off chain restaurant like S'barro Pizza and Cinnabon.

It is still all too over priced for me. Unfortunately my last flight was a 12:30am to Houston, 5am to Detroit, then 9am or so to Dayton. I had to settle for a McDonalds breakfast in Detroit which was nothing short of revolting [although their breakfast is my weakness in mcdonalds terms]
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