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Full Version: Acommodation in Dakar
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Does anyone know where I can find information about acommodation in Dakar?
I am planning to go for about three or four months, so I'm looking for an apartment to rent, rather than to stay in a hostel the whole time.

If anyone's done this, or knows the best, cheap way of going about it, then I'd be very grateful hear from you.


My first stop is always Trip Advisor, have you tried that yet?

Link to Dakar hotels on Trip Advisor:
Ok, thanks for that.

It'll be useful for the beginning - finding somewhere short term. I'm still hunting around for information on renting somewhere longer term - a few months, but that's a useful starting point.



Oh sorry...I'm dumb...yes of course...

For that I would go to, but I don't see anything for Africa...

But just search "dakar rental" in google and you get stuff like this:

Couchsurfing for four months? That would be a challenge...
4 months would overstay your welcome a bit smile.gif can you imagine!
Ah, I get what you're saying. Yeah, you'd probably be able to find a temporary place while surfing somewhere.
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