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Full Version: bus help please - Pammakule travel question
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is there bus from Istanbul to pammakule or one from pammakule to cappadocia or cappodocia to istanbul .If so how much and how long please?
Goodness, I'm going to Turkey later this year so I hope you get a reply from someone. That's information I'd like too.
Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. We have been travelling from Turkey to the UK and are now in Washington DC with family matters to deal with, but I'll reply in more detail tomorrow.
Thanks Manzara. I hope your family affairs are pleasant ones.
My planned itinerary in early October is Istanbul-Ankara by overnight train.
Bus Ankara-Cappadocia (Nevşehir). Rent car in Nevşehir to visit sites.
Bus Cappadocia-Pamukkale
Bus Pamukkale-Bodrum. Rent car in Bodrum for drop-off in Istanbul.

I've found train information, but am looking for bus schedules.
I miss your funny photos on Travelpod!

P.S. here are a couple of site that may interest you:
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Inter City coach travel in Turkey is safe, reliable and comfortable. All major towns and cities are serviced by a number of national and local bus companies.

Have a look at Metro who have a home page in En glish but the timetable and price details on the next page ar ein Turkish! However, this will help I'm sure:

Kalkıṣ Saati = Departure Time
Varıṣ Saati = Arrival Time

Liste Fiyatı = List Price
Internet Fiyatı = Internet Price

This site shows the following travelling times and prices:

İstanbul - Denizli (for Pamukkale): 10 hours. 50/65 Turkish Lira
Denizli (Pamukkale) - Nevşehir (for Cappadocia): 10/11 hours. 50/60 Turkish Lira
Nevşehir - İstanbul: (10/11 hours. 45/55 Turkish Lira

A local bus running approximately every 15 minutes will take you the 11 miles from Denizli Bus Station (Otogar) to Pamukkale Village.

Nevşehir is ithe principal hub for visits to Cappadocia, but maybe lacks the charm of Göreme and its proximity to the Open Air Museum, Zelve and fairy chimney landscape has made it a popular choice for accommodation for many years.

Ther are othe bus companies, of course, such as Ulusoy, Varan and many others.

Do let me know if I can help with more detailed information.

Enjoy your travels and, Martin, the funny photos will be back!

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