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Full Version: Morroco - Fez to Marrakesh 9 day itinerary, help needed
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Hello all,

I have some queries regarding my impending holiday to Morocco and I would like to hear the opinions of those seasoned travellers out there who know the country a little better than I do.

I am scheduled to be arriving in Fez at 7PM 16/01/11 and will be departing from Marrakesh at 8PM 26/01/11 (which gives me 9 full days approximately) and I am trying to create an itinerary based around this.

Having done some research I have come up with a few places that I could visit in between visiting these two cities that look both interesting and that should not be unpleasantly cold in January, they are:

1) Meknes (including Moulay Idriss and Volubilis)
2) Erg Chebbi
3) Essaouira

Ideally I would like to visit all of the above but having read previous threads on the forum I understand that it is preferable to slow down the pace and not to try to do too much in the limited time that I have.

I would greatly appreciate any opinions from those on the forum in helping me to create a well varied and balanced itinerary, that takes in to consideration the climate at this time of year, and that will give me a wonderful snapshot of Morocco and a holiday to truly remember.

I will be travelling by public transport throughout the holiday and using overnight services wherever possible to maximise what limited time I have.

Thanks in advance for all your help and support.
Where did you end up? Have you any recommendations? I'm going soon, so if you have any tips, they'd be appreciated, thanks flowers.png
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