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I am planning my trip to the Philippines end Feb/beginning March. As I only have two weeks I am thinking of going to Palawan. Please can you recommend me on the following;

How long does the boat take from Manila to Pureto Princesa
Is it better to fly? Is it safe to fly? I heard that many Philippines domestic flights do not pass saftey regulations, is this correct?
Places to stay on Palawan, ideally sea front hotel/hut
Paradise beaches
Saftey? I am a women travelling alone. Is Palawan safe?

I have travelled around Asia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia to name a few but never Philippines. I would be very grateful with any information to help me book my trip.

Many thanks!
QUOTE(gosternokke @ Dec 27 2010, 05:08 AM) *

HI Becky,

Palawan is one of de most safe islands in the Philippines. Better not take the ferry,its a waste of time, it will take more then 24 hours from Manila to puerto P. I recommend you to fly with Cebupacific the number 1 Philippine budget airlines. Its only 1 hour from Manila to Puerto by plane. Puerto has only 1 beachfront hotel, Microtel, but its far from the city, better stay at Hibiscusresort in P.P. Nice beachtfront accomodations are
Sabang--- Mary,s cottages
Roxas----- Coco Loco resort
Taytay---- Flower resort
El Nido---- Dolarog resort
No problem for a women alone to travel around on palawan, people here are very frienly and helpfull. Instead of other asian county,s in philippines 90 % of the people can speak englisch,thats a big advantage. If you need more specific info feel fre to ask !!

Many thanks for all the useful information!
I think I will fly rather than get the boat.
As I only have two weeks and will be travelling around Palawan only, would you recommend another route rather than flying into Pureto Princesa? My plan was to fly into Pureto Princesa, head down south to Quezon to see the Tabon Caves and head back up via Sabang and El Nindo.
Thanks for the hotel choices, very helpful!
QUOTE(gosternokke @ Jan 5 2011, 07:54 AM) *

Puerto Princes is a good startingpoint for your trip,because its very central located on the island. The southern part of Palawan ,where the taboncaves are is not yet so touristy as the northern part of the island. A good website about backpacking on Palawan is this one: Good info about feryboats,motorbikehire, cheap inns and lodges etc.
Hope you have a great time in Palawan.

Thank you for your reply.
I am pleased to say I have booked my flight to Pureto Princesa & 4 nights at Microtel Hotel, thank you for your recommendations.
I found the above link very helpful.
Many thanks
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