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Full Version: Morocco to Senegal overland
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Hi everybody,

I'm not sure exactly wether I shouldn't be posting this in the Western Sahara subforum, but I'll go ahead and risk it...

We are three (maybe four) guys planning an overland trip from Morocco to Senegal. Our final destination is Dakar, from which we will board our plane back to Europe on May 2nd.

This idea is still very fresh in our minds and we were hoping to get some insight on how to do this in the best way possible. The ideal scenario would be to hire a car+driver in Morocco and get to Nouakchott, or maybe just drive ourselves.

Thanks in advance for any tips!
If you can afford it, I'd say yes, hire a car and driver. They will know the local languages and hopefully get you out of any tight situations you may get into.

Sounds like a great trip though.
Well, that's my problem! Can you hire a car + driver in Morocco and be able to leave the country that way?

Or, the easy way, just rent a car in Morocco and drop it off in Senegal?
I'm not sure on that one. Let's see what gyl.johnson has to say. She is the Local Expert for Morocco.
You can get the bus most of the way through Western Sahara now. I think there is a daily bus from Casablanca. It is worthwhile spending a day or 2 in Casablanca sorting out a longer visa for Mauritania as you only get a 3 day transit visa on arrival at the border. I think from the Mauritanian border to Dakar you should be able to get by on shared taxis and buses.

Have fun! I hope you have a good understanding of the French language!!
How can you cross the border into Mauritania? Shared taxis, or are there more options?
And how can you get from the border to Nouakchott?
Can't say I've done it myself but I imagine you could get a shared taxi from somewhere near the Mauritanian border to the closest town on the Mauritanian side. From there you should be able to find some transport to Nouadhibou and from there a bus to Nouakchott.
To hire a driver and car will be too expensive to go that kind of distance. Even though you're only going one way, you'll still have to pay a round trip rate as the driver must return to Morocco. That will include, gas, service and the driver (food, lodging, tips and anything else they plan to add on). I dont think you should drive on your own unless you speak French, a bit of Arabic and understand a bit about what happens at the border crossings of choice.

Alternating between grand Taxis (shared) and buses should be fine to get to your destination.
Thanks Gyl and Rich for being so knowledgeable...awesome guys.
Thanks, that sounds good! Grand taxis it is then... hope it will work just fine!
There should be a lot of such taxis along the border side, right?

Oh, and one more thing: any tip on how to cross the border in good conditions? I mean authorities-wise... We are all holders of Romanian passports, and Mauritania has no embassy in Bucharest, so no visa!

There will always be plenty of Grand taxis but at each location you arrive to you're going to have to ask someone where the Grand Taxi stop is. You can really just hail one down. Almost any local would know this.

I don't know much about Romanian passport holders but I would guess it would be okay.

i am from Norway.. i fly to Barcelona next week me and a friend were going to drive from Morocco to Senegal.. but he has now backed out.. i how ever am stil going to go.. was just wondering what is best..

to buy a car in Barcelona or Morocco?

to buy a motorbyke..
although i dont know much about engines so if somthing goes wrong im stuck..

or is it best to buss and use other transport

if so i hear theres a buss from marakesh to dakhla then i have to find a "ride " Mauri n theres a coal train from Nauadibou to Atar aparently then find a ride to Nouakchot from there over border n into senegal..?

but wat is a ride ..? buss taxi or do i have to try n hitch a ride?
i will then fly to Abidjan as i have family there then fly back.. so itl only be one way but wat is the best way..

please help.. any info is much apreciated as im going in a few days.. thanks

I would say that you should probably use public transportation if you don't know how to fix a bike...
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