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Full Version: Kauai for Christmas?
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Hi Guys,

Is it bad that I am completely over this cold weather and it just started? I have no desire to see snow for the holidays.... All I want to do is relax on a beautiful warm beach. I was doing some research and I came across amazing reviews on Kauai. I want to stay in a rental home rather than a hotel because I feel it is more practical. Does anybody have any suggestions?

thanks flowers.png
Kauai Vacation Rentals and Real Estate, Inc. is great! They will help you choose the best rental that accommodates your needs. Also, they have great tips on place to go during your visit on their facebook page! Good Luck!
I was just in Hawaii Dec 8th was supposed to stay till the 13th but I made some mistakes so had to fly home 3 days early.

While I was there, the sun came and went, it seemed to be cloudy most of the time; sure every now and then the sun would be available for a few hours then it would go.

I will be going back to Hawaii this winter hopefully to set things right biggrin.gif I couldn't go for Xmas even if I wanted to A) cost is very high and cool.gif usually I stay with the family for Xmas.
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