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Are there any readers of this forum that live in or know much about Cocabamba, Bolivia?
I am nearing retirement years and would like to spend part of the year in a country like Bolivia, 3 to 5 months a year. I am seeking info on Coca because it fits my criteria as far as size, climate, and budget. Would appreciate any and all replies.
Hey there. I haven't been to Bolivia but I did find some websites that might be useful to you, even if just for a little more indepth information;

Living and Retiring in Bolivia[/url]

Expat Interviews this is an interview with a man who lives in Bolivia. he offers some valuable information about moving to the country.

City Review of Cocabamba

Hope those help a little bit smile.gif


Hey wakingdream,

Thanks for the info.

It's an awfully long way from home, but perhaps you prefer it that way.

This is one of the best of the expat overseas websites I know of:
Where is Cocabamba exactly? I looked in Wikipedia and it says it's in Peru:
It's Cochabamba, not Cocabamba (though I bet Ivo Morales would like to change the name!).

Here's a report from a North American couple who live in Cochabamba

Thanks Martin!
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