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Hi guys,

Three friends and I (all English) are traveling the U.S from March to June, and plan to do it by car. We want to travel up the west coast to Seattle and then across to New York (Though we may start with Vegas).

Anyway, our problem is that we are a little unclear about procedures, and restrictions, for buying or renting a car. Can we simply fly to any state, buy a car, insure it, and then travel to other states? My friend has done most of the research regarding the car, but he seems to think that we canīt insure a bought car without having a permanent residence in the U.S. Is this true? And, if not, then are there any other difficulties that we may experience? Sorry if I am a little vague, but we are finding the whole car thing quite difficult, so if anyone has any information at all then it would be greatly appreciated.

Great answer, I wouldn't add a thing. I'd just reiterate actually talking to someone on the phone form a reputable insurance company.

I don't believe you would have as many problems renting a car as you would buying them. In fact, I don't think you would have any problems renting a car at all, as long as you have a credit card and international driver's license.
Goodness...what a can of worms! Back in 1960 I purchased a car in Miami for US$ 200 and drove to Los Angeles, where I sold it for US$ 100. I guess in those days insurance wasn't a big deal.

Keep in mind that renting a car in one state and dropping it off in another could entail a hefty drop-off fee. On the other hand, at least you will be getting a late model vehicle with full roadside guarantee and mandatory insurance. Imagine if you buy a 2nd. hand car and it breaks down half way through your journey?
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