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Full Version: Going Coast to Coast to NYC for 3 1/2 days
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I am going to meet a friend there for my birthday this year so things will happen in two folds:

He wants to do some christmas shopping for his family in Europe (that's where he is from and of course he is flying from Zurich)

I am going for my birthday with a friend meetup kind of thing so I figured while he is there I will do some sightseeing and that sorts

I already have a list of places I want to see/do and I already saw that some places will be closed by the time I get there (such as the sailing cruise ships/tours end October 17th I will not get there until October 30th)

What I need to know is about which is the best way to get good prices, staying in downtown will be more expensive than staying near the airports, etc and in some cases I would be staying in NJ if I don't stay in downtown which is pointless because of the commute times. To be honest with you, staying in downtown/paying a higher premium in exchange for less commuting/shorter commute times will be a great trade off and allow me to see a bit more.

Does anyone know about the NYC Pass by Planet Hollywood? Is it for real? Their website has deals for hop on/hop off bus/NYC Pass/Express Pass (allows you to get ahead of the lines at certain attractions) If its real I know its what I want, they have a special sale going on and it ends this Saturday

I have not decided what hotel yet because I am waiting to find out where my friend wants to stay (we most likely will not stay at the same hotel, but we'll be close by) my hotel selection will be based on proximity to his hotel and my combination airfare discounts. I understand that there might be some hostels, I doubt there would be any in downtown? (there is one in Manhattan, right around the block from Central Park). I am tempted to stay at the hostel, I have stayed at one before wasn't entirely impressed but this one is a bit different so we'll see; I can get a hostel bed for less than $200 for 4nts to include breakfast.... now that's a steal!

Ok your turn, throw it at me smile.gif
11 views and not one person can tell me anything?
I looked at your thread because I went to New York for a brief time, but I don't have the answers to any of your questions unfortunately.

Due to the nature of the forums, the people on here tend to travel around a lot, so it could be a number of days before anyone who can help picks it up.

In the meantime, I believe that the pass you ask about is probably for real as they do a similar one in London, hopefully someone will come along and confirm that.
I just got my NYPass a couple weeks ago, it is indeed real the whole booklet and the card (with the RFID chip in the card). Along with the citysights tour bus voucher so I guess its real enough!

Things have changed for me and thanks to a friend I now have $600 of money I can't get back, so I have to go SOMETIME soon!
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