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Full Version: BE CAREFUL...
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While we may not be getting the brunt of Tropical Storm Colin, we are getting residual effects. In Wilmington and the surrounding beaches we have a rip current warning which means-sorry to ruin your well-paid trip visitors-STAY OUT OF THE WATER! A navy SEAL could drown in a rip current, they are that strong! Please be careful people, this stuff is serious, we live here, we know what we are talking about. If you need other travel ideas in the area message here or my email. I'm going to be checking this a lot more now...sorry for the absence.
The other day my wife, my 3-year old niece, and I went to the beach, and the tide was perpetually sweeping her away. One time she got carried by the tide pretty quick, so i ran and scooped her up out of the surf to which she replied "good catch uncle Chris!" lol...yeah, riptide flags are still up on the beach, and expecting storms this weekend. I don't know what to tell the end-of-summer least it's not a hurricane? Enjoy LOOKING at the ocean?
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