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Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me, my head hurts with trying to work out visas. I'm from the UK and want to speand 60 days in thailand, so I need a tourist visa before i leave.

I leave March the 1st but will not arrive in thailand untill about June 15th and will leave August 15th - this means I need a visa valid for 6 months so its valuid for when i arrive.

However if i get the Visa before leaving at the beginning of Feb it will expire the beginning of august!

so the question is do i have to enter thailand and leave before the validity (6 month period) runs out or do i have to enter thailand for the next entry before the validity runs out - so for instance i could enter thailand the middle of june - leave after 30 days and re enter the middle of july - i then have till the middle of august regardless of the validity of the visa running out at the beginning of august.

we also can't do a visa run as we are entering overland and you only get 15 days so this isn't an option!

Please help!!!


QUOTE(nealinthailand @ Aug 6 2010, 07:58 AM) *

you can go to any thai embassy in s.e. asia and get the tourist visa right before you enter thailand. you drop off your passport and then pick it up the next day with the visa. pretty straight forward though i recommend laos or kuala lumpur for absolutely no hassles at all.

Hi were in Malaysia prior to entering thailand, people have said its more difficult to get a tourist visa outside of the UK is this not the case?

thank you for your help!

QUOTE(nealinthailand @ Aug 9 2010, 01:51 AM) *

hey Jen,

there are 3 different spots in malaysia in which you can get a thai tourist visa. the first is kulala lumpur and then the other two are right near the thai border but the names slip my mind at the moment, sorry. for someone who does not have 20 old thai visa's in their passport already the process is VERY easy and straightforward. you arrive at the embassy in the morning and fill out a form and pay 2000 baht ($60 u.s. dollars). you will get a receipt with a number on it and then the next afternoon you go the embassy and your passport will be waiting for you with the visa inside. if you have been playing this game for years with the thai immigration then it can get a little complicated but if this is your first time then no problems at all

There is a Thai Consulate at Penang.

Thai Visa Forum has a lot of info on visas.

Penang is a popular area for backpackers and it is easy to get to by train to Butterworth (Penang is close by.) Or by bus or plane. Hotels in Penang are cheaper than KL.

Have fun.

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