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Hey Travelpodians,
I will be travelling to Bangkok in the first week of November can someone recommend me a good tailor in Bangkok?
Ha, I just got a nice suit (with pants and skirt) and dress done at James Tailor:

Total price $CAN 600

It was pretty good, but they had to do the dress twice, and it was really expensive.

I don't have a picture of the suit, but here is one of my dress:
IPB Image

It's a bad picture, long story, I was a little angry and frustrated at the time.
They're all good. Let them give you the script and then make your choice. You pays your money..
I dunno, I heard some horror stories before...
QUOTE(starlagurl @ Oct 20 2008, 11:18 AM) *

I dunno, I heard some horror stories before...

Hey all tailors in Bangkok has ups and down depends on your luck.My recomendation would be never go to the shops that touts take you example of james fashion.
I have been using the service of Excelsior to make suits pants and dress shirts for me and myself and have been totally happy with the clothes.
Maybe you could check them up and contact them at
Yep agree with that. Touts are touts. Walk in to a place and have a chat. Walk out if you have doubts..
Well I liked my dress and suit. I just meant the photo was a bad one, because I lost my camera that day.
I once had suits and a sports coat made on sukhumvit soi 16. The shop is inside somerset lake point hotel.. Quality was good.(Tailorpro fashion)- equal in quality to my other wedding suit bought and tailored at Saks Fifth Avenue in San Francisco, and at a fraction of the price.
That's cool, do you have a picture of it?

Hey thanks for all your help.
I went to Excelsior as recommended by fellow travelbuddy.
The suit was awesome price reasonable and it was great to have a fit there.
Will surely recommend all my colleagues friends and family to them.
You really need a good tailor when in bangkok since they are over 400 of them with touts trying to pull and they are all over the corner.
I was lucky i was in the right place.
Thanks all cheers,
Cool, are you happy with it?
QUOTE(starlagurl @ Dec 9 2008, 01:22 PM) *

Cool, are you happy with it?

yeah it was awesome and i am very happy. I would have paid 800 dollars easily back home
for the quality that i picked up at Excelsior.
Fortunately, Travel and Leisure has just come out with the best article I've ever come across detailing the very best shop to visit to have a suit made.
Major of the shops has gone to the international standards accepting world wide mail orders and traveling to various countries to get people tailored.
Excelsior is definitely the most reputable in Bangkok where tailoring is concern and where price the most reasonable.
there are all kinds of sweatshops in bankok that will be pleased to assist you.
QUOTE(azreal @ Jul 22 2009, 12:13 PM) *

there are all kinds of sweatshops in bangkok that will be pleased to assist you.

Tailors in Bangkok are all hit and miss.You might find a good tailor or a bad tailor can just ruin your holiday trip with 6 times having to go to them for fitting.
3 years back i was in Bangkok and had a good tailor make some clothes for me.
Overall it is value for money to get things done here in Bangkok with lots of fabrics to chose from and price 1/3rd of off the rack back home.
I just returned from Bangkok - as greatly benefitted from advice of fellow formers, would like to share my experiences for tailoring :
1) Best to allow at least 24 hours for collection and also some extra time for alterations - tailoring is personal service and it will be difficult to get good fit for 1st time experience
2) Try 2 diff tailors if you have time and choose the best to do the bulk of your stuff eventually - if you have time - everyone has their favorites/recommendations and it is difficult to know which is best for you
3) For suits - the material is quite standard and should not have much problems. But otherwise, the material selection range esp for females are limited. So may want to consider to bring your own cloth material - best to presoak them first to ensure doesn;t shrink later on
5) Be specific abt details - need lining, seams sewn, length and type of sleeves , length of hem etc
Prob best if you bring a favorite dress/pants that fits well to copy pattern. For lining - there is limited selection so may wish to bring own.
6) Buttons - limited selection of buttons available there. So if you are particular - buy your own and bring along
7) Recommended Tailors –Savile Row Company inside Rose hotel
The advantage of Tailor Pro is that they tour round the world doing measurements and fittings. So you go see them in your home city and they do everything there - then the suit etc arrives and the finish it. So they fill a niche, but once you actually get to Bangkok, there are plenty of others in the game.Mr Frank as a tourists we know what you're upto
Recommendation of Savile Row Custom Tailor
I have been living in Bangkok for quite sometime now and I have been using Savile Row Custom tailor a lot since I got here, always with excellent results. I initially got Narry & Aron recommended from some of my friends that have been living in Bangkok for several years, and I did on top of that also do some web research to be sure that I was going for the right one from the beginning.
So far I have been having 5 suites, and around 12-15 shirts made at Savile Row. I'm a tall Scandinavian guy (around 6''4), and I like my suites in a very slim and modern design which normally makes it rather hard for tailors to do a good job. It was however not the case at Savile Row. My first suite needed only one small fitting in the jacket, and since then I haven't been needing any fittings at all, either for the trousers or the jackets. I have also brought some of my girlfriends and they were also very satisfied with the results. One other good thing with Savile Row is that he ships and visits Europe and the US, so once he got your measurements you can have new perfect suits made at a very appealing prices even when your a back in US/Europe.
In terms of price I think Savile Row is priced fairly, not among the cheapest but considering the quality of the work and the fabrics (I always choose 150's with either Kashmir or slik (or both)) I certainly think he is the best deal in Bangkok. Talk to Narry himself and I'm sure you will be able to cut a good deal with him.
Be sure to have enough time for picking out fabrics, it is a good idea to have done some initial research done before coming to the shop so that you got an idea around what you want.
I can based on the above only give Narry and Aron my warmest recommendations.
Contract infomation of Savile Row:
Savile Row Custom Tailors
Suriwong road
One thing you ought to do when you get something tailor made is to allow enough time for several fittings! If you hop in a tailor shop and they measure you don't expect perfection if you pick your finished product up a couple hours before you fly home!

Don't pay for the whole job right up front! Stop in and see how things are going. Check the garment out in the sunshine looking for color shifting, misaligned seams or other imperfections. Check the fit. If you wait until the last minute to see your item, just before you fly home, you don't have any time to make any adjustments.

If you pay for the whole thing right up front - good luck - they don't have any incentive to fix anything! Some tailors may be very helpful but once they get paid they don't have to please you at all!

QUOTE(jackjohnson @ Oct 20 2008, 09:01 AM) *

Hey Travelpodians,
I will be travelling to Bangkok in the first week of November can someone recommend me a good tailor in Bangkok?

Raja's Fashions across from the Nana Hotel-I've been going there for over 20 years- great staff and good quality.
QUOTE(theroadshow @ Nov 14 2011, 09:48 AM) *

QUOTE(jackjohnson) *
Oct 20 2008, 09:01 AM[/b]']
Hey Travelpodians,
I will be travelling to Bangkok in the first week of November can someone recommend me a good tailor in Bangkok?

Raja's Fashions across from the Nana Hotel-I've been going there for over 20 years- great staff and good quality.

I hope jack has been to and back from BKK 20 times since Oct 20, 2008 wink.gif
No offence. angel1.gif
I recommend Crown tailors. I gave them a try on my recent trip to Bangkok. They did a great job and did it well in time. Hope you enjoy the same great experience as i did
QUOTE(julyn87 @ Feb 2 2012, 02:00 PM) *

It was a sisters trip to bangkok with my bf on 26 Jan 2012. It was mainly a shopping trip and we always missed out time for my bf to have his office pants tailor made. It was about 11pm when we walked past Adam and Eve Fashion and my bf decided to have his clothes tailor there due to time constraint.

One of the stuff greet us happily and he got to work on convincing us of the merits of purchasing custom made cloths from them. The product would be high class and made of the best materials. They know that we are from Singapore via the way we speak and they immediately quote us in Singapore dollars, which i believed that americans will be quote at a much higher price in accordance to the area/ countries etc they came from.

To make a long story short, after about a hour of being soft soaped , being constantly reassured of the their integrity and that we would be very satisfied we agreed to go ahead. This turned out to a very expensive and distressing mistake.

My bf paid for S$260 for 4 pants and 4 shirts. It cost the same as the shirts/ pants that G2000 sold in Singapore. However as tailor made, we agreed that with good workmanship the price quoted qould be reasonable. The measurement were taken and he gave instructions on what he wanted. However, it was obvious from the first fitting that it was a ripoffs tailor with poor workmanship! The inner linings of the pants were rough (threadlines were badly sewn along) and the measurements around the waist/hip was wrong.

The tailor apologised and promised us that there would be no problems after the alterations. They too, wanted to send the altered clothes the hotel's reception. I was not convinced as there was no second fitting after the altered clothes. Also, it was already one day before we depart bkk. Again, the tailor reassured us and promised there would not be any problems.

HOWEVER! After we recived the altered shirts, we knew we were in trouble. The shirts were completely different from what he had requested. He made this clear and was told that it would be altered to my satisfaction. The waist/hip problems were solved but they increased the arm width without our noticed. The arm width was now 1.5 inches bigger!!! It was already the day to depart bkk and we had to rush to the shop and demand for an alteration.

We had expressed complete dissatisfaction with their products. The tailor dismayed that it was a small difference and to my shock and disbelief, the manager of the shop smirked and cover their mistakes by saying that everything goes in proportion. If they increase the waist length, they would increase the arm width as well -->> MEANINGLESS to tailor our clothes if we want it to be tailored fit to any man's body.

Now, my bf was left with unfitted shirts and he would need to spend much more money to alter his shirts in Singapore despite the money paid for "quality and good workmanship" that the shop boasted! Adam and Eve Fashion had left us with very bad impression and i would prefer my bf to be better off buying shirts locally than to be ripped off by bkk tailors.

The whole experience has left us with very bad impression of Thailand. At the very least tourists should be warned to be constantly on their guard from approaches from such ‘nice’ people and the entrapment techniques used by such tailors. The inexperience tourist in Thailand is constantly targeted. (Especially caucasian!!!!!)

I recommend Tom's Fashion. His website is

I have purchased suit from him last year. The work is excellent. They are very professional people who pay a lot of attention to the customer satisfaction. He has a lot of selection of fabrics and styles for each price range.
I would like to recommend a shop also in Bangkok called Toms Fashion. Best service i can remember getting while shopping. Very friendly and helpful.

Name of store : Tom's Fashion
Address: 19, Soi Preeda, Sukhumvit Soi 8, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: +662 653 3983, 662 253 3301
Remarks : Excellent Tailor
Price : Affordable Price
Adam and Eve Tailors

I was travelling through Bangkok and came across this tailor , they measured me up and sent my suit by mail to me in Australia , they kept contact with me by phone and the suit arrived with no problems. I was very impressed with their professionalism and the suit is excellent. I think that if you want a great suit , give the tailor the time to do it properly , these guys did .Thanks Mark and company.


You know very well that lots of tailor in Bangkok but I would like to suggest about tailor Toms fashion in Bangkok, I have been using 8 years them services and still continuing . There are some reasons for long relationship from this bespoke tailor.

Delivery on Time
Affordable Budget
Variety of Style
Latest Trends
Sample for testing

Visited Excelsior tailor in Bangkok. Very happy there. Value for money for the product received.
When they say something will be done, it will be done.
Also, if you have anything that you want changed or adjusted, they do not give you a hard time.
They make regular sales tour around the world and will invite them next time to my office.
Made 3 suits 3 shirts and a cashmere coat with them.

If you do not have sufficient time to get proper tailoring done - then don't do it at all!

Never pay in full right up front! You should schedule fittings and inspections before you take delivery. Too late to get anything fixed right if you receive the article at the last minute just prior to flying out.

Good luck.
I've lived and worked in Bangkok for the last 15 years on and off and have settled on...



It has MOVED from it's old location on Nana to between Sukhumvit Soi 6 and 8

It is a bit pricier than many tailors but the cut is good and generous

for SUITS-


At the bottom of the landmark hotel / basement

It is better than Rajas, in my experience, as their double stitching and lining in their pants and suits are very clean.
Having read some raving reviews on 'Universal Tailors', I made contact and visited them. I got a Tux Jacket, a trouser and a couple of shirts done. Everything was done to my entire satisfaction and before time. Ronnie was attentive and knew exactly what was needed. I have been to Bangkok many times and have visited many other tailors. in the future, I will stick with Universal. I wish to recommend them to anyone who needs a good job done

QUOTE(theroadshow @ Nov 14 2011, 09:48 AM) *

QUOTE(jackjohnson @ Oct 20 2008, 09:01 AM) *

Hey Travelpodians,
I will be travelling to Bangkok in the first week of November can someone recommend me a good tailor in Bangkok?

Raja's Fashions across from the Nana Hotel-I've been going there for over 20 years- great staff and good quality.
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