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I was wondering if anyone could help?

I'm travelling to Tanzania at the begining of November and there are a few things I wanted to find out. I read a guide book but it's two years old and I understand that a lot of things have changed since then. The questions are: -

1) How much money would I need each day to live basically. Breaking down as, how much would I need for a) accomodation (somewhere safe and clean) and b. money for food.

2) Would I be better off taking a warm sleeping bag or some clean cotton sheets? I'll be staying in Arusha and Dar Es Salam.

Thanks very much,

This is the perfect question to ask Travelmonster when she gets back from her trip to Tanzania. She's there right now and you can read her blog here:

You could even send her an email and see if she has time to answer your question...

In the meantime, have a look on TripAdvisor for hotel prices...I found the cheapest one at $57 average price in Arusha

and about $10 in Dar es Salaam

As for food, I'm sure you can eat cheaply if you eat on the street.
Excellent. Thanks very much starlagurl : ) : )


Dan : )
You're welcome, anything else, just let me know.
Hi Dan,

Just back from Tanzania - lucky you that you are going, it's a wonderful place!

Starlagurl has given some great links for accommodation - budget really depends on what you want - there is a wide range on tripadvisor given below, but here is another link just in case:

Also Starlagurl is right about the food, it depends again what you want - I would say that you could happily eat and drink for between 5 and 10 US Dollars a day if you get food from street vendors. Restaurants of course cost more.

The warm sleeping bag will depend upon where you are from - I was in Arusha a couple of days back and it was around 30 C, although it does get cooler at night - more like 16 C at night - for me, being from England, this is very warm and a sleeping bag would be too hot, so I guess it depends what temperatures you are used to.

Have a great, great time.

Thanks very much TravelMonster. That's really helpful : )
Ahhhhh, Paula thanks for the help. That is a GREAT avatar..hahahaha love love love love love it.
Thanks David : )
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