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Full Version: Thai Tourism Seeking Recovery
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Anybody travelling to Thailand these days? unsure.gif

There are less tourists visiting Thailand now and even though armed soldiers might have left, and the tourist industry is trying to recover, yet there is a lot to be done.


Yeah i was there when it was all happening and hardly any tourist. It was nice for me going around the temples as very quiet and easy to take lots of photos.

How ever i went back a month and half later and it seemed to have really picked up a lot Khao San road was packed and i went to the grand palace again and it was also very busy. Probably was more before though i wouldnt have liked to be there then lol.
Thailand's tourist industry has a very diverse cross section. Some parts of tourism will stay same ie retirees, backpackers and scuba divers.
People put off Thailand tend to be the higher per capita spenders: 5* resort holidaymakers, honeymooners, businessmen and sex tourists.

Difficult for government to truly estimate damage these things do. I know from some good sources from a varied cross section year on year tourism is dying in Thailand.
QUOTE(barsie @ Aug 5 2010, 12:34 PM) *

People put off Thailand tend to be the higher per capita spenders: 5* resort holidaymakers, honeymooners, businessmen and sex tourists.

Completely agree.

It's really strange, even now some people ask me if I am still going to go to Thailand with everything that's happened or will I change my route. I won't even be there till January!!! Of course I'll still be going, and the advice not to visit the whole of Thailand during the recent problems was totally overkill and ridiculous. I tried to explain to someone who was concerned about me going that even at the time of the trouble, it would be like telling people not to come to England and go to the Lake District if there was trouble in Trafalgar Square in London, totally mad!!!!!
It is so true reminds me of those days when there were some demonstrations and riots in the centre of Athens and the newspapers wrote that Greece is to be avoided this year.
What nonsense indeed! As if Athens was the whole of Greece! There are so many Greek islands, and gems hidden in the north and southen part of Greece that I cannot count.
Of course you will include Thailand in your trip....I wish I were there too!
I was just about to write something on this topic - but I'll add it in here instead.

Hmmm, basically the likelihood of more political violence seems pretty high at the moment.
The Australian govt has upped their warnings based on their security assessment.
The Thai government is beefing up security around Bangkok based on their intelligence.
And from the signs I see - the Red Shirts are trying to gather to do something - and in fact they have set off some small bombs in Bangkok recently (I am assuming it was them).

But still - you aren't likely to be effected by this. The chances are very small that you would happen to be in a place where there is violence. I wouldn't go cancelling a trip because of the situation.
But if you are a particularly very nervous or cautious person - OK, maybe you can consider it.

For the rest of you - just be alert that the political instability and conflict in Bangkok and Thailand is not over, and it could flare up during your visit. Don't freak out about that - just be aware of it. And please stay away from protests and don't get fooled into being used by either side in their propaganda efforts.
thanks for all of you for your support..<as I am Thai who live in this country> I totally agree with paul to this Quot " Don't freak out about that - just be aware of it. And please stay away from protests and don't get fooled into being used by either side in their propaganda efforts."

That time I admit that the situation was uncertain and unsecure however this situation like this usually keep one spot at a time only take care of your self away from all of them should be ok.. only if you are reporter. it is necessary to do that as your career

please enjoy your trip in Thailand .. in this time of this year is so rainy .. if you like to go to the see green mountain... and rainy cloud .. it should be ok to go there .. be careful of catching a cold..

Hmmm, as time goes on things aren't getting any better for Thailand.

There are almost daily bombings in Bangkok - generally no-one is hurt and generally no tourists will even be aware of the bombs - but they are there.

Today a rich person sent a group of armed thugs to take over one of the car parks at the airport.

Due to the war in Burma, drugs and drug related crime is increasing in many parts of Thailand.

Corruption is not getting better... maybe worse.

The situation in the very South of Thailand is still a disaster with many people being killed in weekly attacks on schools, government buildings, against farmers,....

There was also a recent bomb hoax against the hospital HM The King is staying in - something that would have been almost unimaginable not so long ago.

.... and so on. Slowly it is becoming a less happy place.

Unfortunately Thailand is slowly being ripped apart by rich greedy people that want to control it and make money from it.

Perhaps its days of being able to rely on tourism are coming to an end.

If you are coming for a reason - ie. you know Thailand, you are diving, doing a Thai cooking course, passing through to Laos,... Or even if you are just pretty relaxed with a very open itinerary - I think Thailand is still a good destination for you.

But perhaps if you are more middle class, thinking of booking a trip to Thailand in 6 months, or 1 year, or ... perhaps Thailand is the wrong choice for you. The political situation is unstable. The Red Shirts and Thaksin or the Yellow shirts or other groups of armed thugs, could at any moment start a riot or revolution. The army certainly hasn't ruled out a coup in order to keep the peace. Your trip could so easily be disrupted or you may be kept on the edge wondering if it is going to be alright. Perhaps for you, just book in to go somewhere else.
Paul it is nice of you to post the latest news so that people travelling here would know.
I consider myself lucky that I have visited Thailand 4 times up to now and enjoyed every moment of it.
I will be heading to other destinations until the country is back to peace. The only thing I miss so much are the massages I had daily....but these can be found in other countries as well.
I found the advice for the mddle class to stay home honest and straightforward, but maybe a little too discouraging. George and Betty, back home in Michigan and dreaming about temple bells in Bangkok, would probably travel with a tour group, and would be sufficiently well-cossetted to avoid real danger. Thailand has plenty to see and do and eat and buy that have been untouched by the events of the past year. Among the victims of those there has not been one tourist.
I disagreed with you paul .. Yes , I thought the situation now is still unstable but if you are not so much interested to go to bangkok ,,, you still have somewhere else outside bangkok to go .. like Northest or heading south ,, it is still be fine... Phuket and samui area still ok.

actually even in bangkok is still ok i am still sitting in the big mall of thailand enjoy writing in this blog

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